CEVA-San Joaquin Valley

November 01, 2011
CEVA-San Joaquin Valley

Authors: Jonathan K. London, Ganlin Huang, and Tara Zagofsky

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change has released a path-breaking report, “Land of Risk/ Land of Opportunity” documenting the high levels of environmental and social risks confronting San Joaquin Valley residents. The report uses an innovative new tool, called the Cumulative Environmental Vulnerabilities Assessment (CEVA), to identify the locations and populations within the Valley that are at greatest risk and that require immediate protection.

Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions Initiative

July 04, 2011
Healthy Youth/Healthy Regions 

The study (2008-2011) focused on the assessing the well-being of young people ages 12 to 24 in nine counties of the Sacramento region. It was the first study in the nation to examine youth health and well-being on a regional scale and across multiple issues (physical and mental health, education, employment and civic engagement). It documents disparities in resources and opportunities available to the region’s youth based on their geographic location, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, immigration status and other factors.


May 04, 2010

Authors: Chris Benner, Kendra Bridges, and Ganlin Huang

The Sacramento Coalition on Regional Equity Collaborative Assessment of Regional Development (SCORECARD) Baseline Regional Report provided an overview of levels and patterns of opportunity and disparity in the region. The study was conducted in 2010.