Diego Serrano resized

Position Title
2023 Bradshaw Scholar


I am Diego Serrano, a 22-year-old Mexican designer majoring in Sustainable Environmental Design in my 4th year as an undergraduate. I have a deep interest in methods for combating climate change and in the ways our planet functions. I am inspired by regenerative design and focus my designs on creative ways to implement an approach toward restoration. My ways of considering environmental design are rooted in pushing the boundaries of the status quo, while still representing the communities occupying the space. I believe that creating a culture where humanity deepens its relationship and respect for Earth’s systems begins with the youth. This vision for a greater future motivates my work as a high school tutoring advisor with UC Davis Upward Bound and my volunteer work preparing for the annual Inland Empire Future Leaders Conference. I understand the significance of staying creative in our everyday lives and do so through music production, video production, and rethinking the public spaces I enter. As a Bradshaw Scholar, I hope to connect with more like-minded individuals who share aspirations toward a sustainable future.