Position Title
Assistant Professor

UC Davis: Dept. of Human Ecology


Simpson, an assistant professor in the Department of Human Ecology, is a specialist in urban studies. She completed her Ph.D. in city and regional planning at Cornell University before joining the UC Davis faculty in 2013. She also has a master's degree in community development and planning from Clark University. Her research interests span a variety of urban issues, including immigration, housing, and urban health. The connective thread in all of this work is an interest in the voices, experience, and ideas of individuals and communities that have been historically excluded (or marginalized) in the decision-making processes around their homes. To this end she is interested in exploring the connections between government decision-making and everyday places and experiences, including the role of community development organizations in building connections between governments and residents. Simpson also has a strong interest in understanding the methods we can use to examine and analyze our cities and their development. Her work is focused on quantitative and qualitative spatial analysis. This analysis explores the geographic distribution and variation of things we can count, but also explores landscapes in terms of people's stories, the history of the land, and the ways in which we move through and use particular places and spaces.