2021 sophie

Position Title
2021 Bradshaw Scholar


Sophie is a third-year Global Disease Biology undergraduate interested in environmental justice. In a One Health approach, social and environmental processes are inherently intertwined, an understanding which has matured over the course of their academic career. However, these observations are also personal to Sophie. The Bay Area is a place characterized by stark disparities in social, environmental, and economic conditions. Growing up there has primed Sophie to view health and well-being as a political question of distribution. This understanding has motivated them to focus on the impact environmental phenomena such as climate change, pollution, and pesticide use have on livelihoods through the globalization of environmental health hazards. By participating in the Bradshaw Scholars program, Sophie hopes to study how these hazards are distributed using engaged and active research methods grounded in lived-experiences. Ultimately, Sophie hopes to be a part of the transformation of society-- a transformation that meets the demands for our collective vision of the future!