Event Date

1130 K Street, Room LL3

Housing Innovation in California: Translating Policy into Programs Following Historic Legislation

Bernadette Austin, Associate Director, UC Davis Center for Regional Change, Zack Olmstead, Deputy Director, CA Department of Housing and Community Development, David Garcia, Policy Director, UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation

California has led the country in advancing a historic suite of housing-related bills and propositions. In the fall of 2017 Governor Brown signed into legislation a broad suite of housing-related bills, and in the fall of 2018 voters approved two bonds to fund housing and homeless programs. Taken collectively, the magnitude of this suite of policy and funding legislation has the potential to significantly change the landscape for housing in California. However, the work of addressing what some call the housing catastrophe is far from over, and housing advocates and policy-makers are only gaining  momentum. State and local officials are working to translate these new policies into programs. The implications and unintended consequences of such sweeping legislation will become apparent as implementation continues to unfold. Meanwhile, legislators continue to advance more housing-related bills aimed at addressing other aspects of the housing crisis, and many provide different solutions to similar challenges. This panel seeks to reflect on how far we have come, identify new bills and programs in the housing field, and suggest opportunities to advance comprehensive and effective housing policies for the coming legislative year. Visit UC Center Sacramento to register.