Interactive Story Maps - Environmental Justice

October 31, 2019
Interactive Story Maps - Environmental Justice

In response to the Disadvantaged Community Involvement( DACI) programmatic goals identified by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), the Sacramento River Funding Area (SRFA) subcommittee identified and approved the following goal for analyzing disadvantaged communities (DACs) in the SRFA; “Create Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM)-specific data files (spreadsheets, reports, and maps) of DAC characteristics (e.g., demographics, locations, contacts, water source), needs, and projects that enable each region within the SRFA to fully u

Data Scavenger Hunt: Environmental Justice and Health

October 17, 2019
Data Scavenger Hunt: Environmental Justice and Health

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change (CRC) aims to support youth and adult researchers’ access to and use of data and analyses that may complement their social change efforts—potentially as context, as additive information, and/or as a focus of critique and further development.

Capitalizing Environmental Justice in the Sacramento Region

October 06, 2015
Capitalizing Environmental Justice in the Sacramento Region: Building a Strategic Framework for Regional Action 

This report provides an overview of key Environmental Justice (EJ) issues and initiatives in California's Capital Region. It aims to serve as a resource for leaders in community organizations, public agencies, elected office, business, philanthropy, and other sectors who are working for a more just, healthy, and equitable region.

Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods

June 01, 2015
From Testimony to Transformation: The Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN) Program

A new report from the CRC that examines IVAN's history, successes, and challenges, and offers suggestions for expanding and improving the programWe intend for this report to inform a wide range of audiences, including funders, policy-makers, public agency officials, and environmental justice advocates in California and beyond that are either currently involved in IVAN or are considering establishing an IVAN network.

CEVA-Eastern Coachella Valley

June 10, 2013

The Center for Regional Change and the California Institute of Rural Studies have partnered with the Eastern Coachella Valley Building Healthy Communities (ECV-BHC) to advance environmental justice-related policy and systems change priorities in the Eastern Coachella Valley. The goals are to increase the capacity of the ECV-BHC partners to access relevant, accurate and timely sources of data and to increase utilization of this data for advocacy, organization and education. The project is funded by The California Endowment.

CEVA-San Joaquin Valley

November 01, 2011
CEVA-San Joaquin Valley

Authors: Jonathan K. London, Ganlin Huang, and Tara Zagofsky

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change has released a path-breaking report, “Land of Risk/ Land of Opportunity” documenting the high levels of environmental and social risks confronting San Joaquin Valley residents. The report uses an innovative new tool, called the Cumulative Environmental Vulnerabilities Assessment (CEVA), to identify the locations and populations within the Valley that are at greatest risk and that require immediate protection.