Carolyn Abrams


Position Title
Research Analyst

  • Center for Regional Change
Hunt Hall 152

Carolyn Abrams joined the CRC as a research analyst in 2015. Carolyn contributes community-based research experience, a regional planning perspective, and a deep commitment to social justice. She has experience working with diverse communities and conducting research in collaboration with residents, local leaders, and key stakeholders. Her research has contributed to the development of projects and reports for the Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education, Los Angeles City Hall, and the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund. Carolyn's youth development background also provides relevant experience implementing youth leadership programs and directing youth participatory planning projects. Her commitment to justice and equity continues to fuel her research as she strives to more effectively address challenges faced by underserved communities. Carolyn holds a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a Bachelor of Science in community and regional development from UC Davis.