Position Title
Executive Director

  • Reinvent South Stockton Coalition

Darryl Rutherford was born and raised in Springville, CA, a foothill community known as a gateway to the Sequoia Mountains and the Golden Trout Wilderness. Darryl earned a B.A. in social and behavioral sciences from CSU Monterey Bay and a M.S. in community development from the University of California at Davis. Since his time at UC Davis, he has worked as a Senior Research & GIS Analyst with Community Services Planning Council in Sacramento and as an affordable housing advocate with the California Coalition for Rural Housing, providing public policy research and analysis, on-site training and technical assistance to both local governments and grassroots community-based organizations focused on issues related to affordable housing. In September of 2008, Darryl joined the Community Development Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as the Regional Manager for the California’s Central Valley where he catalyzed the creation of diverse coalitions/collaborations in order to achieve active engagement and cooperation between community organizations, governmental agencies, and financial institutions addressing issues in LMI communities. In 2014 Darryl joined the Sacramento Housing Alliance as Executive Director where he restored the financial stability, rebuilt the mission and vision, and repaired the reputation of SHA to become the go-to affordable housing organization within the Sacramento region. Rutherford became ED of the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition (RSSC), a public-private-non-profit collaborative initiative which aims to “empower residents to transform their community – to affect the root causes of intergenerational poverty through improvements in safety, education, housing, job creation, economic development, and health.”  Darryl currently lives in the Sacramento Region with his beautiful wife and two teenage daughters who enjoy camping, sporting activities, and vegging out together.