Position Title
President of Farallon Strategies
Director, Bay Area Climate Adaptation Network


Michael McCormick is the President of Farallon Strategies, an advisory, policy, and management consulting firm based in California. Farallon Strategies is a certified Benefit corporation (B Corp) founded to support transformative solutions to reduce society's contributions to climate change and the resilience in communities to address the impacts of climate change. He has worked at the local, regional, state, federal levels, and in non-profit, business, and government. These perspectives allow him to see the interconnectedness of work across governance and organizations, and to help create the vision and strategy to affect change.

Michael works on governance solutions for climate change initiatives at the local and regional scale, serves as a technical assistance provider for several networks, and is passionate about national service as an important tool in helping to address the climate crisis. Michael leads a number of Farallon Strategies' initiatives and is passionate about supporting a democratic approach to decision-making (currently a blend of a flatarchy and holocracy) in the ongoing evolution of the company's governance. Michael actively supports the evolution of the community of practice and is currently serving a Mentor at 3rd Derivative, Advisor to BrightAction, Board Member for Community Climate Solutions, Circle of Advisors at the Cool Davis Foundation, Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum: Mountain Valley Chapter, and a member of the American Planning Association.