Position Title

The Culture Co-Op


Sandy Holman is the founder of The Culture C.O.-O.P., an organization she developed to assist people and organizations working with diversity in education, business and the community. She has served as a consultant to countless organizations, locally and nationally, to help meet the needs of diverse populations. She also has committed herself to advocacy for children and education. Her experiences as an educator, program coordinator, counselor, outreach consultant, prevention coordinator, diversity specialist and author have given her a practitioner’s insight into the challenges communities and organizations are facing that goes well beyond theoretical research. A few organizations she has worked with include the National Head Start Conference and regional affiliates, The United States Navy CYP conference with early childhood educators form around the world, CAEYC, The Center for Community and Family Services, the Women’s Health Leadership Project, Friday Night Live Youth programs, CASA, various State Reading Associations, school districts all over the country, countless early childhood programs, as well as social service and reading organizations. She spends at least 50% of her time working directly with youth of all ages, around a variety of topics and issues, and has a special commitment towards children tracked as high risk for dropping out of school. Sandy received her B.A in Psychology from the University of California at Davis and her M.S in School Counseling with a focus on Education, from California State University, Sacramento. She has served on the Board of Directors of local and national agencies serving youth and adults, Including the Youth Services Task Force, The National Dropout prevention network, Progress Ranch group homes for emotionally disturbed children and Yolo Unite, an organization serving youth and the community.  She is an author of award-winning children's books including "Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?"