Climate Readiness through Local Planning

Land-use impacts health. Control is local. In California, a planning document, called a “general plan” sets forth zoning and policy goals for each city and county. Communities collaboratively create such plans with years of public meetings. This plan determines where and how much development will occur as well as what type of development (eg. single family homes, mixed-use commercial).  The CRC's data and research into local planning aims to help communities make informed decisions about how they plan for the future. You can help shape your local plan! 

Powered by Women—Bernadette Austin

She has a background in health care, an expertise in public finance and a passion for achieving community improvement through funding strategies, but the metaphor that best illustrates Bernadette Austin's current role comes from a children's fable.

Using Data to Promote Fair Housing in the San Joaquin Valley

Using Data to Promote Fair Housing in the San Joaquin Valley

When the U.S. Fair Housing Act was enacted in 1968, the goal was clear: protect home buyers and renters from unjust discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Yet, now, nearly 50 years later, racial and economic segregation remain entrenched at the local, regional, state, and national level.