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COVID-19 Youth Media Messaging Contest

COVID-19 Youth Media Messaging Contest

Sponsored by the Sacramento Chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network, the Center for Regional Change at UC Davis, the Division of Social Work at California State University, Sacramento, and MESA, this contest engages youth within underrepresented communities to participate in a competition to create short media messages about the COVID-19 vaccines, and why they are effective and safe. 

In this contest, high-school and undergraduate student teams compete for prizes (up to $200 per team). The contest requires students to create short media messages (infographics, videos etc.), that can be shared on social media, to encourage the public to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The contest focuses on recruitment of students from communities of color within California to address access to COVID-19 vaccinations, health literacy, and vaccine hesitancy.

The project aims to help improve vaccination rates by engaging youth from within these communities to do the following:

  • Activate social networks to change perceptions of what others within their networks are doing.
  • Work directly with communities to understand their fears and concerns about COVID-19 vaccines
  • Engages community members as youth ambassadors to create messages to combat vaccine hesitancy, improve health literacy, and provide information on where and how to get vaccinated.  

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