Position Title
Engaged Student Scholar Coordinator


Hello, all! My name is Katherine Menendez, but I prefer to be called Kat. My pronouns are
She/Her/Hers and I am from Los Angeles, CA. My major is Communication and Cinema &
Digital Media, with the end-goal to become a cinematographer! I have a short film coming out
soon called, “Body Image.” Aside from film, I am deeply invested in ethnography. I love to study
other communities' cultures and customs. I am a part of an internship called Historias de
Familias and our purpose is to record Mexican families' existence in Yolo County to put into the
Records at the Yolo County Library! We interview these families and we gather their stories,
photos, and even objects they would like to share. It is a great experience because of the
different stories I hear about how they grew up being Mexican in a dominantly caucasian town
or how they emigrated to America and it inspires me to tell my own story through film!