2018 Awardees

2018 Regional Change Research Faculty Grants Program Awardees

2018 Regional Change Research Faculty Grants Program Awardees

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change recently awarded the 2018 Regional Change Research Faculty Grants to an interdisciplinary cohort of faculty engaged in research on topics related to community and regional development issues.  Attention to issues of social equity and inclusion were particularly encouraged.  For 2018, the awardees are as follows:

Erin Hamilton (Sociology) and Caitlin Patler (Sociology)
Evaluating the Impacts of the Tenure and Termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program on Immigrant Young Adults in California, 2012-2020

Clare Cannon (Human Ecology)
Addressing Environmental Health Concerns of Community Residents of Kettleman City, CA: A Community-Based Approach to Examining Exposure and Assessing Community Health

Jesse Drew (Cinema and Digital Media) and Glenda Drew (Design)
Stories of Solidarity: A Labor/University Project to Organize the Unorganized

Julia Menard-Warwick (Linguistics) and Natalia Deeb-Sossa (Chicana/o Studies)
Interpreting as Language Justice: A School District/University Collaboration 

Natalia Deeb-Sossa (Chicana/o Studies)
Transnational Migration and Immigration Policies: Mental Health Effects on Community Members in Knights Landing and Neighboring Migrant Camps

Claire Napawan (Human Ecology), Brett Snyder (Design), and Beth Ferguson (Design)
The Alameda Creek Atlas

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