Position Title
Assistant Research Professor

UC Davis: Dept. of Human Ecology


Nancy’s work focuses on place and the production and disruption of disparities in adolescent well-being, with a particular focus on disparities associated with race, ethnicity, immigration and socio-economic status. Conceptually her work is grounded at the nexus of theories of development in social ecological contexts, critical human geographers’ analyses of space and place as socially produced, and critical race theory. Her emphasis on well-being situates her work at the intersection of educational reform, public health and community development. Although trained as a qualitative researcher, her research interests have led her to collaborate with quantitative methodologists and GIS experts. Nancy also brings significant experience in the areas of community youth development and youth participatory action research, as a founder and former co-director of a non-profit intermediary organization that supported youth-led research, evaluation and planning in California communities for over fifteen years. Her key ongoing projects focus on: (1) measuring geographic disparities in adolescent well-being and vulnerability, (2) unpacking the socio-spatial processes that help produce disparate youth opportunities and outcomes, (3) exploring neighborhood and regional scale approaches to changing youth conditions that integrate young people as mobilizers and knowledge-producers, and (4) strengthening campus-community translational work around youth well-being.