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Interactive Story Maps - Youth Health & Well-Being

Interactive Story maps - Youth Health & Well-Being

This Story Map uses newly released chronic absence data from the California Department of Education for the 2016-17 school year to highlight schools, counties, and regions that are doing well and those that need additional support, so all students have an equal opportunity to learn. These maps illustrate the findings of a deeper analysis of the statewide chronic absence data released by the California Department of Education in 2017, via DataQuest. 

Chronic School Absence in California (Spring 2018, Story Map)

An analysis of state data showing that while chronic absence affects nearly all schools in California, it is also heavily concentrated. Nearly one out of ten traditional public schools in California, or 822 schools, had high levels of chronic absence that affect 20 percent or more of their students. The web applications below provide data through an interactive mapping system.

Kindergarten Chronic Absence in Los Angeles County (Fall 2018, Interactive Web App)

Chronic School Absence in California, 2016-2018 (Winter 2019, Interactive Web App)


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