My Brother's Keeper Stockton

Monitoring Community Action to Promote Equity: The San Joaquin County Alliance of Boys and Men of Color worked with the UC Davis Center for Regional Change to report analyses of child and youth well-being in Stockton, CA. This report will support the local response to the White House My Brother’s Keeper initiative. In particular, these analyses provide context for local planning and a baseline for monitoring community progress on the initiative’s six milestones. The report includes maps from Putting Youth on the Map (PYOM) and the Regional Opportunity Index (ROI), as well as data available via PYOM links. This report was represented at the White House by Mr. Samuel Nunez, an Alliance leader and the Executive Director of Fathers and Families of San Joaquin. Stockton youth and adult leaders then came together to launch the report and associated action locally. To learn more about the work of the Alliance and the report see Fathers and Families of San Joaquin at or contact Mr. Jagada Chambers at