Greater Sacramento Region Environmental Justice Initiative

The goal of this project is to provide analytical and mapping support to the Ubuntu Green's Brownfields and Vacant Spaces Campaign and efforts by the Sacramento Housing Alliance and the Coalition on Regional Equity to advance a healthy land use agenda in traditionally marginalized communities in Sacramento. While much of the focus has been on the communities of Del Paso Heights, Oak Park and South Sacramento, their efforts have broadened to include to the greater Sacramento region.

The maps below show the relative scores of Sacramento neighborhoods on the Cal-EnviroScreen screening tool. Cal-EnviroScreen is an analysis tool that identifies communities in California most burdened by pollution from multiple sources and most vulnerable to its effects. It takes into account a community's socioeconomic characteristics and underlying health status. It is a relative, rather than absolute measure of impact. It is currently available at the zip code level, with plans to release a census tract tool in 2014.


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